KimberlyAnn Live: Hot Philippine Fetish Webcam Girl on LiveJasmin

Livejasmin Fetish Camgirl Kimberlyann Philippine Hot

Name: Kimberly Ann

Nickname: KimberlyLiveFetish

Country: Philippines

City: Pualas

Age: 35

Sexuality: heteresexual

Languages I speak: Tagalog, English

Why did you become a camgirl?

I didnt start camming just for cash, but to share my wild side and enjoy flirty fun with fans. Plus, it gives me the freedom to express myself in ways regular jobs dont allow. So, its more about pleasure than profit, baby!

What is the best thing about being a webcam model?

The best thing about being a webcam model is having total control over my work schedule, allowing me to make good money while working from home in my pajamas. Plus, I get to flirt and entertain a variety of fans who keep coming back for more.

What is the funniest experience you ever had as a camgirl?

One time, I had this guy who kept requesting to watch me juggle pineapples while wearing only my underwear. Little did he know, Im not so coordinated! Watching those spikey fruits flying around the room as they went every which way made my viewers burst into laughter and that cam show became a hilarious moment of our adult community experience.

What is your fetish, and do you show it on cam?

I love to play with wax on my body during shows, exploring different sensations. You can join me in the fun as I heat it up, dripping warm pools all over myself.

What was your weirdest request while camming?

Once, I had this guy who asked me to pretend his fingers were a vibrator and to mimic using it on my most sensitive spot while he watched in amazement. It felt pretty strange, but hey, I do what the viewers ask sometimes for tips!

What are your hobbies?

One of my hobbies is wine tasting, so I enjoy trying new wines and learning about them. Wine makes social events more enjoyable for me too!