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Name: Nove

Nickname: NaughtyTVTemptress

Country: Philippines

City: Mansalay

Age: 28

Sexuality: heteresexual

Languages I speak: Tagalog, English

Why did you become a camgirl?

To be honest, I needed the extra cash and camming seemed easy enough to do on the side. Plus, flirting and teasing with hot guys in front of my laptop sounded fun as hell.

What is the best thing about being a webcam model?

The best part of being an adult camgirl is seeing my fans getting excited over every little move I make, and knowing that theyre all here to see just me. Plus, making them pay for my attention feels pretty amazing too!

What is the funniest experience you ever had as a camgirl?

Hey, I once did a scene where I pretended to be a doctor treating a patient, but the guy really believed it! We were all laughing about how ridiculous he looked as my patient. Another time, one of my fans gifted me an outrageously large and bouncy ball during a session. Needless to say, things got wild when that thing made its way into the action! Haha, oh boy, those were some entertaining nights on cam.

What is your fetish, and do you show it on cam?

My favorite fetish is orgy, and yes, I absolutely love showing that in my live shows. It brings so much excitement for me to share with my viewers!

What was your weirdest request while camming?

I once had a guy ask me to play find Waldo on my nude body, searching for a hidden treasure in my most intimate areas. He said it was his kinkiest fantasy and he wanted to watch me do it live on cam.

What are your hobbies?

Oh, my favorite pastime! I love making cute paper creatures, like birds and flowers. Its such a fun way to relax. Folding those little papers can get addicting, trust me.