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Name: Anagabriela

Nickname: SkittyAna

Country: Guatemala

City: San juan sacatepequez

Age: 27

Sexuality: heteresexual

Languages I speak: Spanish, English

Why did you become a camgirl?

1. Yeah, I guess its cuz being a camgirl gives me lots of excitement and attention from guys all over the place. 2. I love flirting and making people horny so it was easy to decide this path in life, ya know? 3. Also, being able to make money doing something fun and kinky is just too good a deal to pass up, dude. 4. So yeah, the reason for my camgirl gig is simple – I love being wanted by everyone, always wanting more attention and adoration from fans and viewers.

What is the best thing about being a webcam model?

Living life on my own terms, making money doing what I love, connecting with fans all around the world, and having the freedom to explore my sexuality every day.

What is the funniest experience you ever had as a camgirl?

I once had this hilarious incident when my pet cat walked into my live show, just as things were getting hot and heavy. My viewers loved it though and asked me to invite more furry friends on the camera! It was all very unexpected, but so funny! My cam room was full of laughter that night! The funniest part? Later I found out some people recorded my special guest visit, which they posted as a compilation for viewers. Who knew my feline friend would become a web celeb overnight! And heres the kicker, even now during private shows if I hear my pet walking down the hallway, it instantly turns into the most fun and exciting cam experience – full of giggles and laughter. Just the kind of unexpected surprise we all enjoy sometimes.

What is your fetish, and do you show it on cam?

Yes, I enjoy showing my feet on cam for those who adore them. Its such a turn-on to have them worshiped by loyal fans of this specific fetish. You wont find me hiding the way I love to be admired in this simple yet unique kink.

What was your weirdest request while camming?

Once, this guy wanted me to role-play as a crazed pigeon. He had some bizarre fetish about bird noises and acting like one, but hey, it was kind of kinky. So I decided to indulge him just for fun, flapping my wings, honking loudly in an unforgettable live cam session. This strange man requested me to dress up as a post office box, with nothing but an opening where the letters go through, leaving the rest covered by a mailbox outfit I had. It was definitely odd, and it turned on the audience that night which led us to play it again several times. Theres one cam user who specifically asked me if he could pretend I was pregnant. Although this isnt typically something people usually get excited about, his fascination with the concept was strange. We acted it out, and while the request itself might have been unusual, I found some perverse fun in role-playing a woman carrying a nonexistent child within her. In one particularly strange scenario, this man paid me just to lay there like a pool of paint drying for a solid ten minutes without speaking. We didnt even move; not even once did I adjust my pose or do something different! It felt so surreal but surprisingly stimulating as the silence intensified everyones attention and focus towards me laying there silently like still-life artwork waiting to dry up!

What are your hobbies?

One of my favorite things to do outside work is dog training. Its so fun because you can train your own pup or help others train their dogs. I also love going for long walks with my furry friend, they make the best company! Plus its good exercise too – walking those dogs really helps me stay fit.