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Name: Eli Elizabeth

Nickname: Kinkystripxxie

Country: El Salvador

City: Monte san juan

Age: 27

Sexuality: bisexual

Languages I speak: Spanish, English

Why did you become a camgirl?

I wanted to explore my sexuality and earn some cash while doing it. The idea of being watched and desired by people online turned me on.

What is the best thing about being a webcam model?

The best things about being a webcam model are making loads of cash and experiencing thrilling excitement every day. Giving my viewers hot performances brings them immense pleasure, and it makes me feel like Im living the wildest dreams possible.

What is the funniest experience you ever had as a camgirl?

I once got locked out of my room during a show, so I had to strip while sitting outside the door for everyone to watch! It ended up being an extremely funny and memorable moment.

What is your fetish, and do you show it on cam?

My fetish is playing with toys while getting fucked by strangers. Yes, I show this on cam all the time.

What was your weirdest request while camming?

Bound by my rules, this one dude asked to see me wrapped tight, so I obeyed, covering myself up in ropes he provided. The way his eyes widened made me feel special as the knots dug deeper into my skin. He kept asking for more and eventually I gave in, making sure not to go too far by breathing a little heavy to show just how much I could take without actually hurting myself. It was one wild request!

What are your hobbies?

My fave hobby is playing guitar and singing songs. Also, I enjoy reading comic books too!